Sunday, May 28, 2017

Registered citizen runs for Cleveland City Council and as usual, the local media goes crazy

I hope he wins, quite frankly. And shame on the Incompetent-Team at Faux 8 for spinning the story. Normally I redact the articles, but i think this guy WANTS to be public. Well, if he was running for Cincinnati City Council, he wouldn't have enough criminal convictions to be a candidate here. (Joking, folks)

I-Team finds candidate running for local office is convicted sex offender
POSTED 5:58 PM, MAY 25, 2017, BY ED GALLEK

CLEVELAND--The FOX 8 I TEAM has found a convicted sex offender running for Cleveland City Council.

Edward Hudson-Bey is gathering names on petitions to get on the ballot to represent Ward 10 on the city’s northeast side. So we went to see him. We asked why anyone should vote for him as a sex offender with other criminal convictions. He responded, "Your past is your past. It's where you are today and what you're looking for tomorrow.”

But when we revealed this to voters in the ward, we found them taken aback.

The ward includes Glenville and other neighborhoods -- poor areas with lots of violence. Current Councilman Jeff Johnson has a record for a federal corruption conviction. Yet Johnson is now running for mayor.

Hudson-Bey pleaded guilty to robbery in ’07. His sex offense conviction came in ’03 for sex with a minor, a 14-year-old boy. Hudson-Bey still has to register with the sheriff’s department as a sex offender. We also found Hudson-Bey has older convictions dealing with stolen cars.

The I TEAM wondered how can a guy like that even be eligible for a council seat? The state says, in general, Ohio law allows a convicted felon to run for office. However, it does not allow a convicted felon from taking office. Ultimately, what would happen if Hudson-Bey were to win could come down to a ruling by a local prosecutor or the state attorney general.

Hudson-Bey is just one of several candidates exploring a run for Cleveland City Council in Ward 10. Seems like an incredible long-shot, but Hudson-Bey believes, somehow, he can go from sex convict to councilman. He said, “Nobody’s perfect.” And he added, "I’m unbeatable. I'm honest. I'm open. I'm trustworthy."

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