Current RSO Bills

Relevant Ohio Proposed Legislation as of Oct. 2015 

This is a list of all open bills related to Registered Citizens ("Sex Offenders") in the Ohio State Legislature. 

  1. HB 353: Will "amend sections 2950.04, 2950.041, and 2950.99 of the Revised Code to require a sheriff to mail a notice to every adult member of a household where a person who is required to register as a sex offender resides informing those household members that the person has committed a sexually oriented offense or a child-victim oriented offense." Requires registrants to give the sheriff info on every adult living in the household, and in turn, the sheriff will send notices to all adults living in the household that there is a registered citizen in the house. READ THE REFORM-OHIO ANALYSIS
  2. SB 184: Will "amend sections 2950.04, 2950.041, 2950.05, and 2950.99 of the Revised Code to clarify the sex offender registration requirements." The changes include the statement "The registration is not complete if the form returned by the offender or delinquent child contains inaccurate information." This is not a bill to worry about, IMO.
  3. HB 106: Will "amend sections 2907.09 and 2950.01 of the Revised Code to require an offender who knowingly commits the offense of public indecency under certain circumstances involving conduct likely to be viewed by minors to register as a Tier I sex offender/child-victim offender." "No person shall knowingly do any of the following, under circumstances in which the person's conduct is likely to be viewed by and affront others who are in the person's physical proximity, who are not members of the person's household, and who are minors: (1) Expose the person's private parts; (2) Engage in sexual conduct or masturbation; (3) Engage in conduct that to an ordinary observer would appear to be sexual conduct or masturbation." Sounds like the legislators are trying to find new ways to increase registry coffers. 
  4. HB 234: Will "amend sections 2901.13, 2907.02, 2907.03, and 2945.42 of the Revised Code to eliminate the period of limitation for the criminal prosecution of a person for rape, sexual battery, or complicity to commit rape or sexual battery, eliminate the spousal exceptions for the offenses of rape and sexual battery, and to permit a person to testify against the person's spouse in a prosecution for sexual battery." Removing statutes of limitations increases the likelihood of false convictions. 
  5. HB 283: Will "amend section 2901.07 of the Revised Code to require DNA testing for misdemeanor convictions of voyeurism, public indecency, procuring, soliciting, loitering to engage in soliciting, and prostitution." Seems excessive. 
Note, there are other bills that mention "sex offenders" but none are of importance. Most are mere administrative chances. The Ohio legislative site does a lousy job of weeding out irrelevant bills by keyword. 

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