Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Changes in the 132nd Genral Assembly and new bill update

Courtesy of Ohio RSOL:

Several changes have occurred in the 132nd General Assembly:

Republicans now have a 66-33 super-majority in the House, and a 24-9 super-majority in the Senate, meaning Republicans can override a governor’s veto

(Changes/legislation which may impact upon rights of sex offenders shown with a *)

*House Criminal Justice Committee Replaces House Judiciary Committee
Nathan Manning (R) chairs the new House Criminal Justice Committee
Jeff Rezebek (R)-Vice Chair
Greta Johnson (D)-Ranking Democrat
Republican Members: Jim Butler, Margaret Conditt, Robert Cupp, Laura Lanese, Robert McColley, Dorothy Pelanda, Bill Seitz
Democratic Members: Bernadine Kennedy Kent, Bill Patmon, John Rogers

*Representative Butler Chairs House Civil Justice Committee
Jim Hughes (R)-Vice Chair
Ranking Democrat-Kristin Boggs
Republican Members-Jonathon Dever, Theresa Gavarone, Laura Lanese, Bill Seitz, Nathan Manning, Robert McColley, Jeff Rezebek
Democratic Members-Nicholas Celebrezze, Brigid Kelly, Emilia Strong Sykes

*Senate Judiciary Committee Replaces Senate Criminal Justice Committee
Kevin Bacon (R)-Chair
Matt Dolan (R)-Vice Chair
Cecil Thomas-Ranking Democrat
Republican Members-William Coley, John Eklund, Matt Huffman, Peggy Lehner, Scott Oelslager
Democratic Members-Sean O’Brien, Mike Skindell

Pro-Victim Legislation/Constitutional Amendments Introduced/To Be Introduced

HB30/SB20-Add 3-8 years to prison term if person convicted of felony offense of violence permanently disables victim (HB30 adds specification that victim was under 6 years old)
HB38-Increase penalty for murder or assault of peace officer, member of military, or first responder

SB-Allow additional 14 days for prosecution to bring criminal cases

Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center proposes constitutional amendment to provide Ohio Crime Victim Bill of Rights (notification to victim of all legal proceedings-see


SB33-Disclosure law enforcement data to defendant

SB4-Person with serious mental illness convicted of aggravated murder cannot be subject to death penalty

Juvenile offender parole-Juvenile offenders subject to long sentences/ life sentences to be eligible for parole (died in Senate last session, but see Ohio SC ruling in State v. Moore that consecutive life sentences for juveniles violate Eighth Amendment cruel & unusual punishment)

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