Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dream trip revoked for sex offender with cancer

If this story makes you angry like it made me, feel free to contact the Dream Foundation here:

This story makes me glad I'm not a vet.

Dream trip revoked for sex offender with cancer

By Katherine Wright
Staff Writer

A dream trip to the Grand Canyon has been revoked for a local terminally ill veteran after the dream-granting organization discovered that he was a convicted sex offender.
Greg Poston, 62, of Dayton, received a free vacation from the Dream Foundation, a national wish-granting organization for adults with life-threatening illnesses. Greg Poston and his brother, Roger, have terminal cancer. Their three siblings were to accompany them on the trip.
The foundation decided to revoke Greg Poston’s trip. Greg Poston was convicted of two counts of gross sexual imposition in Moraine in 2007, according to court records.
“After we announced the trip, we received a series of phone calls from the Dayton community to ask us if we were aware that this person” was a sex offender, said Tristan Layton of the Dream Foundation. “We were not. It was a very, very difficult decision to make. But we listened to the feedback and respected the families of these victims, and we made the decision to revoke Gregory’s trip.”
The organization serves 2500 dreams a year from its small Santa Barbara, Calif., office. This is the first time something like this has happened in 20 years, Layton said.
Greg Poston’s brother, Roger, and the rest of the family can still take the trip, he said.
“We hope that the rest of the family take the trip. That is up to them,” he said.
The Montgomery County Veterans Service Commission, which had partnered with the Dream Foundation to deliver the trip packet to the Postons, had nothing to do with the decision, said Montgomery County spokeswoman Cathy Petersen.

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