Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Clark County getting in on the Halloween Hysteria

It is Halloween season, so here comes the annual Predator Panic Halloween specials. I'd like to point out I have covered this issue for many years now:

Now, onto the featured article. Essentially the fluff piece is a whole lot of nothing. Essentially there is no state law prohibiting registered citizens from any Halloween functions, so the next best thing the police can offer is what seems to be a "compliance check."

Clark County Sheriff's Office Has A New Program To Help Keep Track Of Sex Offenders

CLARK COUNTY -- Halloween is just around the corner and the Clark county Sheriff's Office is stepping up its patrol of sex offenders.

Deputies will now be notified by dispatchers if the address their at, is where a registered sex offender lives.

The sheriffs office is in charge of monitoring more than 200 offenders and there's only one deputy in charge of all of them.

But now, with the help of dispatchers, there will be more eyes monitoring them then ever before.

"Oh there ain't never no good neighborhoods any more. So I keep them as close as I can to me. That's the best way," said Krystal Kellison.

"I don't let them go by their self at all," said Tristan Wells.

Springfield parents are already on high alert.

Just in time for trick or treating.

And Clark County deputies ensure they won't let sex offenders pass them by.

"We have one of the most aggressive, check up validation systems in Ohio," said Sheriff Gene Kelly, Clark County Sheriff's Office.

And now they're working harder to make sure your kids are safe.

They started a new program that gives dispatchers access to the address of a registered sex offender.

They then let deputies know if they're called to that home, so the deputy can check up on the offender.

"People need this knowledge it's very easy to get that information and knowledge is power to keep your children safe," said Sheriff Kelly.

Parents are receptive to the new program.

"That's pretty good that they're checking them make sure our kids are safe," said Paul Wells, "Makes you feel a lot safer."

Clark County Deputies also go out on the night kids are trick or treating and make sure offenders are staying away from kids and are where they're supposed to be.

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